NiQuitin 2mg Nicotine Mint Lozenges, 12 Pack

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NiQuitin 2mg Nicotine Mint Lozenges, 12 Pack

NiQuitin Mint Lozenges effectively relieve sudden nicotine cravings and continue to work even after the lozenge has gone. Used at regular intervals they provide your body with therapeutic nicotine, helping you to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke or to quit altogether. 

When you get sudden cravings, take NiQuitin Lozenges. The mint-flavoured lozenges offer relief from nicotine cravings, to reduce your cigarette cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

If you quit smoking, the first thing you are likely to notice is an intense and uncontrolled desire for a cigarette. It is also likely that you will have to deal with withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, insomnia and nervousness. NiQuitin helps you manage this.

For those who want to: Quit smoking for good. Temporarily withdraw from smoking. Reduce smoking

For those who smoke after 30 minutes of waking

Using Lozenges at regular intervals gives your body the nicotine it craves to help you stop smoking. To take, place the Lozenge in your mouth and from time to time move it from one side to the other until it is completely dissolved. This should take around 20-30 minutes. Do not chew or swallow the Lozenge whole.

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Brand NiQuitin
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Flavour Mint
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