Glade Electric Plug in Refill Apple Cosy Cider 20ml

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Glade Electric Plug in Refill Apple Cosy Cider 20ml

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Ignite the party with the Glade Apple Cosy Cider plug-in air freshener refill for home use. This limited-edition scent diffuser is a great way to add a little glam, allure and excitement to any gathering with festive fragrance and Christmas scents during the holiday season.

Enjoy Glade ® Electric scented oils fragrance infused with Essential Oils for up to 100 days* (*based on 12 hours use/day on low setting). Elevate the energy with this Glade air freshener for any room, with a long-lasting authentic fragrance crafted by master perfumers.

The Glade Holiday Spirit Collection is a range of limited-time-only Glade scents that will get you in the mood to put on your party hat and will surround you with holiday spirit and fragrances inspired by the joy of the season. Make home scents festive scents this winter with the UK’s #1 selling Winter Fragrance Brand*.

Notes of apple, cinnamon and baked crisp create sparkling freshness with a delightful fruity nuance; it’s a room freshener scent that will spark a burst of joy in any room

Ingredients: Contains citronellol 7-hydroxycitronellal 1-(2, 6, 6-trimethyl-1, 3-cyclohexadien-1-yl)-2-buten-1-one allyl 3-cyclohexylpropionate d-limonene geranyl acetate (Z)-hex-3-enyl benzoate 2, 6-dimethylhept-5-enal cis-hex-3-en-1-yl methyl carbonate May produce an allergic reaction

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