Glade Romantic Vanilla Blossom Plug In Refill 20ml

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Glade Romantic Vanilla Blossom Plug In Refill 20ml

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Glade fragrance plug offers a completely new fragrance experience and combines elegant design with unique fragrance technology.

With its five adjustable fragrance levels, you can adjust the intensity of the fragrance to suit your needs.

A Glade Electric Scented Oil Refill provides up to 100 days of fresh fragrance enriched with essential oils (at the lowest setting with daily use of 12 hours)

Glade Electric Scented Oil welcomes you and your guests with a unique fragrance experience. The refill is suitable for the Glade electric diffuser and gives your living room, bedroom and bathroom, kitchen and other rooms a pleasantly fragrant feel-good atmosphere. The bottles are beautifully designed and offer a long-lasting fresh feeling. Choose your personal preferred fragrance setting and enjoy the rich fragrances.

With our new concept - Glade Electric Scented Oil - we present you a completely new fragrance experience. Due to its elegant design and unique technology, our product offers further thought of room fragrance. With its five adjustable fragrance levels, you can adjust the intensity individually to your needs and thus create your personal oasis of well-being. In addition, our wide variety of fragrances offers you the opportunity to create the right mood in any room.

The easy to set scale allows first-class fragrance release at any time. Instructions for use: 1. If necessary, turn the electrical plug of the holder to adjust the orientation to your socket. 2. Always keep the fragrance oil refill upright. Unscrew the cap from the fragrance oil refill and insert it into the holder. 3. Plug the holder upright into the socket. Please read the important safety instructions. 4. Get the desired fragrance intensity by adjusting the level of regulation. Wash hands after use.

The fragrance story: Vanilla Blossom - Lose yourself in the warmth of modern comfort as you indulge in the sweet serenity

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