Nescafe Gold Mocha Powder - 17 Cups

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Nescafe Gold Mocha Chocolate Coffee Powder - 17 Cups, 306g

With a Mocha, you get a real café classic, which you can easily and quickly prepare at home. A Mocha is also known as Mochaccino, reminiscent of a Café Latte with its milk and coffee, but with the addition of chocolate.

You get a creamy coffee with a rich and full-bodied chocolate taste, crowned by a thick layer of milk foam. The taste is a unique delight of simultaneous chocolate, coffee and hot milk. There are those who say it is a cocoa with a coffee flavour, and others who will say that it is a Café Latte with cocoa flavour. No matter which way you lean on this issue, it is a hot drink that is delicious for both coffee and cocoa lovers, and is ideal for cosying up on a cold day.

Simply add hot water, stir, and in no time it is ready to be enjoyed. Like all Nescafé coffees, it is made from the best natural ingredients, completely free of artificial flavours.


In other words, this is a cup with a taste that will find a place in the heart of everyone who loves both coffee and cocoa.

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